Loyal Stricklin Edison Travel Notebook Wallet Review

This is my overdue review/thoughts on Loyal Stricklin’s Edison Wallet, a Field Notes sized wallet, in the Honey colorway.

Loyal Stricklin is a American made small company that started with its owner Michael Stricklin. Loyal Stricklin’s most iconic product is their Aviator Mug, a leather sleeve with a handle made to fit perfectly over a mason jar. The Aviator Mug is available in many different leathers including Horween Chromexcel, Dublin, and various bridle leathers. It acts as coozie for taking your beverage on the go including hot coffee, iced coffee, or tea. The Aviator Mug was my first purchase from the company back in 2014. While my sleeve has taken on several water stains, it has many more years of life even if the mason jar were to fall and break.

Let’s move onto the Edison Wallet, which I’d also say is one of their better known products. The Edison Wallet is a Field Notes style sized wallet designed to carry a pen, a notebook, cards, and a handful of cash. It also has enough room to stuff receipts. The purchase includes a Loyal Stricklin pen and a Field Notes notebook to get you started. The Edison Wallet takes notebooks sized 3.5in x 5.5in (9cm x 14cm).

I wanted to switch things up from a typical pull-up type leather like Horween Chromexcel/Dublin, so I went with the Honey color after scouring the web for evolution pics. The Honey color is a harness leather that starts off as a bright tobacco like color. The leather is really smooth and consistently keeps a sheen without any conditioning. The wallet’s edges are burnished very well, and the stitching is altogether great.

During the first or second outing with the Edison wallet in my back pocket, I noticed the leather near the bottom spine creasing in an “undesired” manner. I figured it was because the length of the pen I slotted didn’t reach near the bottom of the wallet. It’s not something that bothers me anymore because the creasing didn’t get much worse after that.

There are two notable differences from my One Star Leather Park Sloper Senior Wallet (my review), a similar sized Field Notes style wallet designed to carry the same things.

The first is that the pen slot is stitched on the inside to sit the pen at the wallet’s spine when closed. Speaking in terms of volume, it makes the wallet a couple centimeters narrower in width at a cost of making the spine area bulge when equipped with a pen. This can be good if Park Sloper Senior is too wide to fit in your back pocket jeans. My Park Sloper Senior fits in some of my rear pant pockets barely and not at all in others – depends on the brand of the pant. However, One Star Leather does make a “no pen slot” version if width is a problem.

The second difference is that the Edison Wallet’s card sleeve slots are vertical in a set of three. The slots stack upon each other with a bit of space. . Three slots is great if you have frequently used cards at the front. However, if you have too many cards, they will stack upon each other and make the Edison Wallet bulky.

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